General Terms.

We are committed to respect and protect your online privacy as your service provider accordingly to the Laws of the European Union including Poland and regarding personal data protection.

Appointed data protection officer at Atteli Sp. z o.o. supervises on a daily basis the compliance of the company’s actions with binding laws and our standards.

We will gather research data in many ways and we are dedicated to protect your privacy while visiting and using our website.

We will provide you useful tool for data synchronization between MS Outlook and Odoo.

The scope of information that potentially may be collected.

As your service provider, we will collect personal data that you will:

  • provide us when you sign up on
  • explicitly allow us to collect from other social media services and/or devices
  • provide us directly e.g. chat mail etc.
  • provide us by accepting our cookies policy
  • provide us in other way while using the application.

Our main goal in the scope of the services that we can provide is data synchronization between MS Outlook and Odoo.

We are not collecting any personal data without prior explicit permission. We do not send any marketing or advertising materials without prior consent.


Our website ( utilizes “cookies”. A “cookie” is a small text file (piece of code) that allow us to recognize your web browser in order to customize your experience, or permit you to access your account at Cookies do not contain or gather personal information.

We use these cookies to gather statistical information to understand what advertising campaigns are effective and what is the users aggregated demographic composition.

You are able to control “cookies” through your browser’s settings anytime. However be aware that any alterations to these settings in future may affect the functionality of our website.

How do we protect your personal data and/or other data?

Any synchronized data will not be stored by us or will be transmitted by our servers. All synchronized data is transferred directly between the MS Outlook application and your Odoo application, through the intermediary of your network and Internet connection.

Access to the personal data.

In case, that we beside all general rules mentioned in this Policy- gain some information that are a personal data in fact, you can request an access to these data that we hold- anytime by submitting a proper request (including requests via e-mail). You will be given a right to access your personal data, and to make any adjustments to that data, to extend or alter it in any way or to delete it whenever you like. We will satisfy your request as soon as it will be possible. If we will not be able to satisfy it, we will provide you with a written explanation (or with an e-mail).

Other provisions.

This document may be updated if necessary. We strongly suggest you to check this Policy frequently beside being noticed by us from time to time to do so.

Questions regarding this Privacy Policy may be sent to:

These Privacy Police are effective as of Julu 1st, 2017. Original text in Polish