This article cover installation and activation process

Step 1


After downloading installation file you have to execute it and begin process of installation. You may be asked by your system that instlalation file is not sign by a trust source. Accept installtion anyway.

You will see Terms Of Use Screen. Read and accept it.

Next you will be asked about installation path. We recommend to leave it as it is proposed.

Installation process will end with such screen:

Oregano PlugIn is installed but not activated.

Step 2


Now you can open your MS Outlook. Notice “ODOO CONNECT” in upper menu and click it. You will see Plugin options like Synchronization button, Connection settings etc.

If you click any option the notification appear that you have to activate your plugin.

Click Add a Product Key and prompt window will appear.

Enter the Product Key you received via email or from your administrator and click Activate Product button.

If the Key is correct you will see success notification.

NOTE! You have to have internet connection during activation process. You may have have filtered internet connection and internet it may happen that activation process will fail.

Ask your administrator if you have any concerns about your network.

Step 3


Now you have to provide credential for your Odoo account. Click on Connection Settings.

Credentials consist not only of your login and password but also of your Odoo installation URL and database.
This is strictly technical issue and if you are not familiar with Odoo ask your administrator what kind of data should you provide.
We cannot provide you URL and database while we do not have this kind of information.

HINT: Odoo URL can be easily retrieved from your browser. Open your Odoo account and check it. In our case it is poletko2. dev. atteli. com.

Database can be checked if you add “/web/database/manager” string to your Odoo installation URL. If you are not sure which data are correct ask your administrator.

If all data are correct you should be notified with proper information.

The last action is to set up synchronization settings. Open Connection Settings and switch to Settings TAB. Set sync frequency and prorytetyzation due to your requirement.

NOTE! To frequent sync may strass both you MS Outlook and internet connection or even Odoo server. Ask your administrator if you have any doubts.

Congratulations! Now you Plugin is ready to work.